Memory Makers Wales Photo Booths may use any photographs from your event for any suitable means; this includes but is not limited to advertising and promotional material, either in print or on the internet. 

Attending and photographing at your event would mean that we are of the understanding that permission has been granted to do so by yourself, your guests and the venue themselves.

If, for any reason, our equipment gets damaged during the hire period by you or one of your guests you will be held responsible for the cost of repairing / replacing the part. 

We reserve the right to close the booth should events become too unruly or if there is any perceived threat to either the booth or an employee. The decision to close the booth is left to the discretion of those running the booth at the time of the event.  Should the booth be closed and finished early, either at the request of those running it or the venue/organisers no refund or compensation will be given.

Alternatively should an individual(s) be perceived to be a threat or too unruly by those running the booth at the time of the event, we reserve the right to refuse access to said individual(s) in the interest of protecting our equipment and staff and completing the event as arranged. 

It is your responsibility to notify the hotel of our arrival and ensure that adequate space & power is available away from the DJ/Band (please see bridal guidelines for more details). Also to arrange any PAT Tests and Insurance details to be sent if required.

If Memory Makers Wales is delayed in setting up due to no fault of your own then we will stay on the equivalent amount of time at the end to compensate. However should we be delayed because space was not made available for us or because we were unable to access the room because the speeches ran over etc then this unfortunately will cut into your runtime and no additional time will be allotted as the staff did arrive on time and will therefore still need to be paid. 

In the event of circumstances beyond our control resulting us being unable to attend your event, (such as adverse weather conditions, accident or illness), a full refund but no compensation will be offered.

Please note that all content within the booth is subjective.  Memory Makers Wales does not guarantee a minimum number of images/videos to be taken at an event.  We will of course encourage both you and your guests to use the booth as much as possible but we cannot force people. The amount of images and videos you will receive is based purely on the number of guests you have, where we are located and peoples ultimate choice to use the booth.

What people do within the booth including swearing on videos and nudity etc is beyond our control however we will try and deter it where possible and delete (in relation to the photos) if required.  Additional background noise of music and guests is unavoidable in your video messages however proximity to the dance floor and a loud DJ/Band can effect the quality of the videos significantly and in some cased make them inaudible.  Our Guidelines advise all couples to take this fact into account and locate us away from the music (ideally in a separate room).  Memory Makers Wales does not take responsibility for any issues in video quality if our advice has not been followed.  

All our photo booths are serviced and maintained on a regular basis and spares carried should an issue arise. In the event that something should go wrong/stop working then our staff will all in their power to fix and repair the issue at the time.  Should this result in a time delay then the time lost will be added to the end of the run time to compensate.  However should the issue be unfixable then (provided the fault was not caused by you or one of your guests) then you will be informed immediately and the booth closed and removed. Adequate compensation/refund will then be provided to you.  The level of the refund/compensation is left to the discretion of Memory Makers Wales and will be predominantly based on the amount of time the booth was not working/running during its runtime. 

In the interest of client confidentiality Memory Makers Wales promises to not sell on your personal information to any outside sources. In return any issues you may have with Memory Makers Wales either before, during or after your event must be dealt with directly with Memory Makers Wales, either via phone or email, not publicly through social media.  Any issues raised publicly or through social media could result in a refund/compensation not being offered.

Any booking fee that has been paid secures the date, so that it is no longer available to other clients and is therefore non-refundable. If however you need to change your date then provided that the booth is available when required, we will gladly transfer your original booking fee to your new date.

The outstanding balance for all bookings must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in Memory Makers Wales, Photo Booths not attending your event.  Should an event be cancelled after the final balance is paid an additional £50.00 will be retained as arrangements for staffing would of already been made and to cover admin fees for receipts. If the said cancellation is with 30 days of the event then no refund will be given. 

If you have received no communication from Memory Makers Photo Booths in the 4 weeks (30 days) prior to your event, please ensure you make contact to confirm your booking, make a payment or to clarify your arrangements.

All Terms & Conditions are correct from January 2017 but are subject to change without prior notice.  If details have changed all updates will be made public on here and all existing clients will be subject to these updated Terms & Conditions.
By booking Memory Makers Wales for your event you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions; you do not need to have signed them for them to apply.